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Mckenzie & Mckenzie / Mckenzie International was established in 1986. It was formerly a partner firm from two international organizations. It is now an accounting and consulting firm registered by the Technical Accounting Board of the Republic of Panama and a member of the National College of Authorized Public Accountants of Panamá. During this time we have developed full service capabilities as well as in depth knowledge about the industry and business environment. This has allowed us assists and support entrepreneur’s initiative to develop a successful and sustainable business, tax and financial strategies in Panama, Republic of Panama. We apply our philosophy on our audits, assurance and consulting services. Not only do we participate in solving situations that affect our clients, but also we take care to anticipate, prevent and communicate events that may constitute opportunities to improve.

Our professional practice provides diverse services to multi-national and local companies as well as public and non-for profit organizations. We also provide services to small companies with rapid growth. Our professionals, who have international experience, provide uniform and consistent services in customer location under their operational and business environment.

Our activity is based on strict ethical, professional and personal standards. In the same manner the confidentiality over the information and the clients' relationship are our most valuable and sustainable asset. It has always been our policy to keep a very close relationship and communication with our clients. To assure that our labor is mutually beneficial and to assist with fast response to our clients based in this professional relationship.

Our partners and professionals in its majority have masters and university degree. Additionally, they actively participate in the development of the profession through professional associations and by continuing education programs. Also they participate in community non-for profit programs.

In 2015 we joined as Parker Randall International Member Firm .

Parker Randall International is a leading global network of Audit, Tax and Advisory firms located in England.

Considered as a top ranked international audit and consultancy experience firm, it provides worldwide services with its representation through their independent members firms.

Parker Randall International is represented in more than 63 countries more than 100 offices and over 2,000 qualified auditors, accountants and advisors.

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